Hamilton County 4-H
Summer Schedule

Summer is here and the fun begins.  Sign up for our Summer Classes.  See Schedule Below.

Canoeing the River II
July 6th
Hamilton County will come together with Union County to take a day trip down the river in canoes.  Bring Lunch.  Must be able to swim. Ages 8+  Cost: $5.00
Time:  8am-until we return (5ish)

Art Attack
July 7th and 8th
We'll be doing lots of different arts and crafts this day!  Something for everyone!  Come join us!  Bring Lunch.  Ages 8+  Cost:  $10.00
Time:  9AM - 1PM

Seafood Day Camp
July 14th - 17th
The Seafood Day Camp is a multi-county event where youth will travel to experience seining, fishing, and learn about exactly what that fishy stuff is that we eat!  Ages 8+ 
Cost:  $30.00  Time:  TBA

Pinteresting Sweets
July 20th
Do you ever look up receipes online? See all of those things your parents and other family members share and think yum...I want to try that?  Lets do it! Ages 8+  Cost: $15.00 
Time: 9AM - 3PM

College and Career Exploration
July 21st - 23rd
We will be touring some places and learning what it will take for your future.  Meet at UF/IFAS Extension Hamilton County Office and traveling.  Meals not provided.  Please bring meals/snacks and/or money with you.  Ages 13+
Cost:  $30.00
Time:  11:30 AM - until

Sleepless Slumber Party
July 27th & 28th
Come sew yourself sleepless!  Bring your pillow and sleeping bag but don't plan on sleeping!  Bring lunch.  Ages 8+  Cost:  $10.00
Time:  9AM - 1PM

Florida 4-H University
July 27th - 31st
Week long experience on campus at the University of Florida exploring college and career opportunities as well as performing community service and expereience leadership programs.  Ages 14+ Cost:  $250.00
Time:  TBA

Sign up can be done over the phone at 386-792-1276 and by mailing class fees to our office.  You can also come by our office to sign up.

For more information call or email Heather Janney at hfutch@ufl.edu.


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Did You Know?

Hamilton County does not physically touch Florida. It is surrounded by the Suwannee River on its East and South side and is surrounded by the Withlacoochee River on its west side. The county borders Georgia on the North side.